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Addressing the Labor Saving Issue
Although there are many challenges facing foodservice operators today, the issues related to labor continue to rank as the most trying. Manufacturers that design labor-saving features and benefits in...more
Clean First Impressions
Meeting Health Department and HACCP regulations, improving aesthetics, and preventing slip and fall accidents are all good reasons for cleaning. Foodservice managers implement formal cleaning procedu...more
How much money will a food processor save you?
Use the following formula based on actual figures for your operation.
1. Total length of time to process all items (items that are now processed by hand and the number of people and hours tha...more
Ideas on Finding and Keeping Employees
Getting referrals from your current employees, especially a good employee, makes it more likely that the new worker will fit in well with the rest of the team. New staff members brought in by other w...more
Labor- Getting More Bang For Your Buck
Finding quality, affordable, dependable labor is a major concern with the foodservice industry today.
According to the National Restaurant Association, the average cost of wages and benefits for...more
Labor Saving Tips
Programmable equipment allows operators to reduce the amount of training required to produce uniformly consistent, quality meals. In many cases, you can store cooking procedures for up to 75 different...more
Some Saving Trips Tips To Remember
When you bring coffee, bring cream.
When you bring salads, bring the pepper mill.
When you bring entrees, bring ketchup.
When you bring tea, bring lemon.
When you bring soup, bring...more
What if I take the time to train my employees, and they leave?
Training can be time-consuming and represent a considerable investment, but it is essential to your restaurant's success. The following tips can be incorporated into any training program.