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Cleaning Open Wire Shelving
Equipment Needed:
Mild Detergent
Estimated Cleaning Time:
30 minutes once a month=6 hours per year
Labor Cost x 6 hours...more
Cleaning Removable Polymer Shelving
Equipment Needed:
Dish machine or pot sink
Estimated Cleaning Time:
10 minutes once a month=2 hours per year
Labor Cost x 2 hours =cleaning cost per year
Cleaning Steps:
Employee Injuries
Employee injury claims cost employers millions each year. Back and spine strain are among the top reported injuries. Urge employees to transport heavy and awkward loads with carts designed for the tas...more
Food Preparation and Storage Equipment
The equipment in your kitchen should meet industry and regulatory standards. The following are some standard NSF requirements for food prep and storage equipment.
Food contact and food-splash su...more
Meal Delivery . . .A Hot Issue
Delivering a hot, tasty meal to multiple locations in a short period of time can be a challenge without the proper staff and equipment. Many different types of cook-serve products are available and c...more
Recommended Storage for Refrigerated and Frozen Foods
Sensitive Items
Be sure to keep these ethylene
sensitive items...,
Brussels spouts
Fresh herbs
Kiwi fruit (unripe)
Leafy greens
Shelving and Electric Concerns
If you intend to have electrical equipment on or under the shelves, such as heat lamps, the wiring may be run inside the support tubing.
It is extremely important to make certain that there is am...more
Things to Consider When Buying Carts
What will you be using the cart for?
What size are the objects that will be placed on the cart?
How much of the cart area will the objects cover?
How much weight will be put on the cart...more
Things to Consider When Buying Shelving
What will you be storing on the shelves? Shelving intended for refrigerated storage should meet different requirements than shelving for dry storage. Always give careful consideration to the weight o...more
Things to Consider When Choosing a Rack or Cabinet
What is to be stored?
What size can you use? Height, width and depth of kitchen space is important. You should also consider maneuvering area (ie. corners, elevators, etc.)
What capacity is...more