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Cross Contamination
Cross-contamination is an extremely important issue in today's foodservice. Educate your staff on the hazards of cutting different products on the same cutting surface without a thorough cleaning.more
Finding A Slicer That Will Make The Cut
There are many things to consider when selecting a slicer. Performance, consistency, construction, reliability. All weigh heavily in the selection process.
When considering performance, one tr...more
Food Preparation and Storage Equipment
The equipment in your kitchen should meet industry and regulatory standards. The following are some standard NSF requirements for food prep and storage equipment.
Food contact and food-splash su...more
Grinders and Slicers
Running butter through the meat grinder before grinding onions, meats, cheese, nuts, or raisins will make cleaning easier.<br> After using the electric meat grinder, put several slices of bread...more
High Volume Portion Control
If a 1/4 ounce overweight occurs with each serving and 400 students are served this extra 1/4 ounce that day, 61/4 pounds of additional food have been used. In this example if the product cost $1 pe...more
How much money will a food processor save you?
Use the following formula based on actual figures for your operation.
1. Total length of time to process all items (items that are now processed by hand and the number of people and hours tha...more
How to Prepare an Onion Blossom
Cut 1/2 to 3/4 inch off the top of a colossal size onion and peel (do not cut root end). Place peeled onion in the Onion Bloomer and pull down on handle. Lift up handle to release onion. Gently separ...more
Portion Control
Portion control is profit control.
Weigh all ingredients in a recipe to ensure accurate measurements.
1/2 oz. overweight on 100 portions/day can lead to thousands of dollars in profits los...more
Work Table Height
Correct working height of work tables reduces fatigue and permits an even flow of work.
There should be 4" to 6" between the work surface and the bend of the elbow of the worker.
The immedia...more