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Backup Supply of Glasses
Have an adequate backup supply of glasses for rush periods. To avoid thermal shock, never place recently washed glasses into service. Let glasses stand long enough to reach room temperature.
In some locations, health inspectors insist that foodservice outlets must use synthetic or poly baskets in place of natural, manmade baskets. Ask us for alternatives.
China Breakage Troubleshooting Tips
If you notice many rim chips on your china:
Do not stack cups on one another
Check for improper washing racks
Line your soak sink
Watch for overlapped plates in rack or on belt in ...more
Choosing Glassware
The sizes, shapes and styles of glass you choose will affect your entire presentation of beverages. Consider what type of drink you will be serving most and find a type of glass to complement. Ask you...more
Dinnerware Care
Never use metal sponges on china. White plastic sponges are made for ceramic and glass dinnerware. Unload dinnerware one piece at a time from the dish machine. This avoids chipping and rims clicking...more
Dinnerware Durability
Typically, the higher the weight of the dinnerware, the more durable it will be. But, consideration should also be given to your waitstaff.
How much can be carried on one tray? How far will the ...more
Dinnerware Glaze
When selecting dinnerware, watch for the smoothness of glaze applications, and ask for details on reinforced designs or reinforced materials.
Dressing a Table
Flatware is the leading item purchased by operators industry-wide. Why? Because so much flatware goes into the trash. Decrease your loss by using trash containers featuring magnetic bars that attra...more
Ground Pepper
For better flavor, always use freshly ground pepper. The flavor comes from the oils of the sliced peppercorns.
Stainless Products
Stainless means a product will stain less, not that it is stain proof.
Steak Knives
Look for a sturdy blade with well defined serations. The serations protect the actual cutting edge and will never need sharpening. Rounded end steak knives cut just as efficiently as pointed ones, y...more
Traditional sizes and plate names
Service Plate-12"
Dinner Plate-10"
Luncheon Plate-9"
Salad Plate-8"
Dessert Plate-7"
Bread & Butter-6"
Types of Dinnerware
Made of clay fired at low temperatures making it fairly fragile and quite heavy.
Made from fortified clay that is fired at high temperatures, rendering it v...more
Using Glass to Accentuate
Consider using glassware to accentuate. It can add a special touch that says elegance.
Use glass plates alone or with a charger plate for an entirely different look.
Salads appear crisper an...more