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Blast Chillers Aid in Food Safety
Because of increased regulations and concerns, food safety is a major issue for the operator. 56% of foodborne illness is caused by improper cooling. Blast chillers are designed to combat this problem...more
Care of Your Refrigeration
Dirty condensers are the greatest contributors to compressor failure. Location will vary the frequency of cleaning, but it is recommended that the condenser on all your refrigeration equipment be clea...more
Clean Fridge
All refrigeration requires constant cleaning. Wipe interiors as often as possible and wipe the exteriors daily. Be sure to also wipe down the gaskets daily by using a mild detergent and soft cloth or...more
Cold . . . It Does Your Milk Good!
There are two major issues when looking for a milk cooler: Safety and Product Quality. Our goal when formulating a milk cooler is to have milk served to our kids at the proper temperature. Milk li...more
Floor Drains
Since walk-in refrigeration units and ice machines both require waste disposal drains, expensive plumbing costs may be eliminated by planning the location of the ice machine where one floor drain will...more
Ice Machines: Selecting the Best
Picture this: Your ice machine has just died and it must be replaced. The line up of products that the ice machine industry offers has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. So, what do you do? <...more
National Dairy Council Encourages Milk Consumption
Calcium Summit II Addresses Calcium Deficiency Among America's Youth
Experts strategize new solutions to reach and teach America's youth.
WASHINGTON, DC - January 17, 2002 - Hundreds of nu...more
NSF Refrigerator/Freezer Regulation
NSF has revised the equipment standard for the construction and performance of commercial refrigerators and freezers. The revision of Standard 7 affects all buffet and preparation equipment. These ty...more
Reasons to Use Glass Merchandisers
Products and key brands are in front of the customer
Creates impulse buying, increasing product sales
Products and packages look their best because there are no broken packages
Usable Space in your walk-in
Be aware that small walk-ins with only one door and a single aisle can have from 50% to 60% usable space. Larger walk-ins with multiple aisles and doors can drop usable space to 35-45%.