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Approximate Servings Per Steamtable Pan
Chafing Fuel Costs
Save fuel costs by inverting a teaspoon in the water pan of your chafing dish.
Cleaning Plastic
The cleaning of most plastic is determined by the specific plastic used in manufacturing. When in doubt, ask the manufacturer about the plastic used to produce the product you have purchased. Find out...more
Cup Dispensers
Adjustable one size fits all cup dispensers eliminate your need to continually replace dispensers when you change cups. Consider mounting adjustable dispensers into your existing cabinetry.
Punch Bowls
2 gallon Punch Bowls yield 60 Cups
4 gallon Punch Bowls yield 120
Suggested Dining Service Guide for 100 People
Temperature Retention for Hot Beverages
For Plastic Insulated Servers
Temperature will drop approximately 20 degrees in the first hour, 10 degrees in the second hour and 10 degrees in the third hour.
For Glass Insulated Servers te...more
Typical Glassware Requirements