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Clean First Impressions
Meeting Health Department and HACCP regulations, improving aesthetics, and preventing slip and fall accidents are all good reasons for cleaning. Foodservice managers implement formal cleaning procedu...more
Consider the gauge of metal for your sink
If you expect heavy usage or institutional use, consider purchasing 14 gauge stainless. If your usage is more typical, 16 gauge will suit your needs. If budget is a consideration (and your honest eva...more
CAUTION! If you are using a low temp or chlorine bath type dishwashing system, take great care in following the manufacturer's instructions. An over-concentration of sodium hypochlorite (bleach), the ...more
Food Waste
The food waste that's processed by a disposer is100% biodegradable. Using a disposer helps ease the strain on our country's landfills.
NSF vs. Non-NSF
NSF, National Sanitation Foundation, is a non-profit organization that presents design criteria for foodservice equipment that is guided by sanitation and health requirements. NSF approved sinks are r...more
Things to Consider When Buying Sinks
Will the sinks need to be NSF approved? Significant NSF requirements for sinks:
1. Drainboards, when provided, must have a splash guard and must be welded to the sink.
2. Sinks are considere...more