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What if I take the time to train my employees, and they leave?

Training can be time-consuming and represent a considerable investment, but it is essential to your restaurant's success. The following tips can be incorporated into any training program.
Preparation is essential to effective training. The trainer should be very familiar with the subject matter and should have a detailed training plan in proper sequential order. If any equipment or supplies will be used for the training the trainer should have it ready. Schedule training for slow times.
Actions speak louder than words! Showing employees how to do something is just as important as telling them how to do something especially if English is their second language. Trainers should also avoid using technical terms and jargon when talking to all new employees until they've explained these terms. Offering an explanation of why employees need to do things may help them retain the information better. Ask and encourage questions along the way and break up the training into small manageable chunks.
Once employees have heard and seen what they need to do, it's time for them to practice. Supervise the employees, but don't smother them. Over time the trainee should assume more and more of the job responsibilities as you wean yourself away from the trainee.
Praise employees for doing things right. Make this feedback immediate and specific.