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Cleaning Open Wire Shelving

Equipment Needed:
Mild Detergent
Estimated Cleaning Time:
30 minutes once a month=6 hours per year
Labor Cost x 6 hours =cleaning cost per year
Cleaning Steps:
1. Remove all products.
2. Move shelving unit to outside area or area away from food products. (Note: do not contaminate food product with cleaning chemicals)
3. Hose shelving unit to loosen grease and dirt.
4. Use water, mild detergent and sponges to clean shelves.
5. Use brushes to clean between wires and remove stubborn residue.
6. Hose off unit again to remove cleaning chemicals and loose dirt.
7. Towel dry unit and move back to original location.
8. Place product back on shelf.
From Store Safe to Serve Safe the Easy Way . . .
A clean, well kept food storage area is very important. However, cleaning and maintenance of shelving can be a very time consuming process. Choosing the right shelving for your food storage area can eliminate a lot of headaches and grief. Shelving that can be cleaned quickly and easily will more likely be done more often and will not take too much time away from other job responsibilities.