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Seasoning Frypans

Seasoning Mill-Finish Aluminum Frypans
Skillet should be clean and dry. Place skillet on heated surface and heat until smoke point is reached. Add salt to cover the bottom of the pan. Roast salt in skillet to a light brown color. Small amounts of salt will begin to stick to the surface of the pan. Remove all free salt, leaving behind the small portion of salt which has stuck to the surface. With a clean rag, rub shortening, oil, or butter into surface, using salt as a mild abrasive. Rub pan surface until all gray oxidation has been removed. Seasoning is complete when pan surface is cool. Oven mitts and pot holders are suggested as a safety precaution against burns to the hands and arms.
Alternative Seasoning Method for Frypans
Submerge pan in deep fat fryer for 10 min. at 450F. Take out pan and pour in granulated salt and rub in side of pan profusely with pressure using a dry rag until salt turns brown, then remove salt. Repeat until pan is cool. To clean after cooking with pan, pour salt in and rub out. This will clean and sterilize the pan. If soap and water are used, seasoning will have to be repeated. Foods such as tomatoes or rhubarb will remove the stains naturally without affecting the cooked food product. To remove stains from an aluminum exterior, use a non-abrasive cleanser. Cooking tools made of wood, plastic or smooth edged metal are recommended for use in aluminum pans.