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When using the Microwave

Do not cook eggs in the shell. Pressure will build up inside the shell and it will explode. Do not reheat cooked eggs unless they are scrambled or chopped. Puncture the yolk before cooking eggs.
Do not heat oil or fat for deep frying.
Pierce the skin before cooking potatoes, whole squash, apples or any fruit or vegetable which has a skin covering.
Casseroles and sauced items should be heated in straight sided containers.
Plastic, foam and paper plates should not be used when heating high fat or sugar foods such as barbecue as the heat from the fat and sugar may distort the plate.
Most foods heat better if they are covered. Covering retains the heat that has been created, reduces dehydration and helps keep the oven clean. There should be an opening for steam to escape from the food.
When reheating in microwave, foods should reach 165 for 15 seconds.