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Food Safety in Your Operation

Practicing and monitoring food safety must occur in all of the following areas of your operation.
Inspect deliveries. Product should be in good condition and received at the proper temperature
Label and store products immediately
Instruct employees to use the practice of First-In, First-Out Storage
Freezers should hold food at 0F or below
Refrigerators should store food at 40F or below
Temperature range of dry storage areas should be 50F to 70F Hot and Cold Prep
Proper hand washing is essential. When changing tasks, employees should wash hands thoroughly
Use color coded cutting boards, utensils and containers to prevent cross contamination
Have dedicated containers for ice and cleaning solutions. Never use them interchangeably
Food must be cooked to a safe minimum internal temperature
Instruct employees on the proper use and calibration of temperature devices
Food to be held for later service must be cooled to 70F within two hours and below 40F within four hours
Products such as cooling paddles and blast chillers were designed for this purpose
Holding & Serving
Keep hot foods hot, and cold foods cold
Hot foods should have internal temperatures of 140F. Cold foods 40F or below