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Proper Hand Washing

Hand washing is an important and simple defense against the spread of dangerous bacteria and foodborne illness. Use as hot a water temperature as you can stand; lather hands and wrists with soap for 20 seconds; rinse thoroughly with clean water; dry with single serve paper towel or air dryer.
Things to consider:
Do all employees have access to the facility?
Can a water temperature of 110 be attained?
Are the faucets controlled with a single knob for temperature adjustment?
Is liquid soap available?
Are paper towels or hand dryers available?
Does your training program include hand washing activities?
The following activities should always be followed by thorough handwashing:
Using the restroom
Using a handkerchief or tissue
Handling raw food, especially meat and poultry
Touching or scratching any area of the body
Touching unclean equipment or work surfaces
Smoking or using chewing tobacco
Clearing away or scraping used dishes and utensils
Eating food or drinking beverages
Although the use of plastic gloves provides additional sanitary protection, it is important to remember that gloves are just as susceptible to contamination as bare hands and should not be used to avoid handwashing.