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Waste Containers

Step-On Waste Containers—When hand’s free waste collection is the preferred method. Polypropylene construction is chemical-resistant and corrosion-proof. Color-coded lids for applications where color-coded designation is needed for recycling, biohazard or segregated work zones.  Wastebaskets—Economical polypropylene construction for every day use. Smaller sizes designed to fit in even the tightest spaces. Recycle versions are perfect for company recycling programs. Fire Resistant Wastebaskets— Ideal for areas requiring an extra degree of fire protection.

Model Description Case
342913 Economy, 13 Qt. (Beige, Black, Grey) 12 Ea.
342913REC Economy, 13 Qt. Recycle (Blue) 12 Ea.
342915 Fire Resistant,13 qt. 6 Ea.
342927 Fire Resistant, 28 qt. 6 Ea.
342928 Economy, 28 Qt. (Beige, Black, Grey) 12 Ea.
342928REC Economy, 28 Qt. Recycle (Blue) 12 Ea.
342940 Fire Resistant, 41 qt. 4 Ea.
342941 Economy, 41 Qt. (Beige, Black, Grey) 12 Ea.
342941REC Economy, 41 Qt. Recycle (Blue) 12 Ea.
346144 Step-On, 12 Gal. (Beige) 1 Ea.
346145 Step-On, 18 Gal. (Beige, Blue, Green) 1 Ea.
346146 Step-On, 23 Gal. (Beige, Blue, Green) 1 Ea.