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Sparta® 17 Key Brushes

Maintaining a healthy foodservice environment requires special attention to cleaning procedures. With the Sparta® 17 Key Brush solution, the entire foodservice production process is broken down into “critical tasks” with tools designed for each specific job.

Model Description Case
4002500 Coffee Decanter Brush 6 Ea.
4008200 24" Dbl Foam Rubber Floor Squeegee 6 Ea.
40111 L-Tipped Teflon Fryer Brush 12 Ea.
4011400 Polypropylene Bowl Brush 12 Ea.
40164 Vegetable Brush 12 Ea.
40401 Pastry Brush (Cold Use) 12 Ea.
4067100 Scratch Brush w/Scraper 12 Ea.
Various Call for Information 1 Ea.