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Spill-Stop Mfg. LLC


Spill-Stop offers a complete line of bar supplies specializing in "hand tools for the bartender". Their extensive product line includes plastic and metal pourers, measuring pourers, bar rail mats, bar caddies, cocktail shakers, strainers, ice scoops, bottle speed rails, corkscrews, bar glass brushes, shelf liner, glass rimmers, tip trays, condiment containers, cocktail picks, ash trays and more.

Model Description Case
1014-0 S/S Cocktail Strainers, 4 prong 12 Cs.
1018-0 Stainless Steel Julep Strainer 12 Cs.
103-00 Cocktail Shaker, 28 oz. 12 Cs.
1111-3-TK Bar Spoon 11" Twisted Handle, Red Knob 12 Cs.
131-01 Waiter's Chrome Plated Corkscrew 12 Cs.
131-02 Winged Corkscrew 12 Cs.
1400-0 Stainless Ice Scoop 4 oz. 12 Cs.
150-00 Bar Aide 1 Ea.
160-00 Bar Mat, Brown 1 Ea.
161-00 Service Mat, Brown 1 Ea.
161-02 Service Mat, Black 1 Ea.
444-00 Glass Rimmer, Three-Tier 1 Ea.
543-00 Triple Glass Brush 1 Ea.
70-263 Plastic Ash Tray, Red or Black 144 Cs.