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Floor Signs

Call attention to the wide variety of everyday hazards with Rubbermaid Floor Signs. Easy to read “closed” and “caution” messages printed in English, French, German and Spanish. Folding design for convenient storage or transport on janitor’s cart. Yellow.

Model Description Case
FG611200YEL 25" Floor Sign, Caution Imprint, 2 sided 6 Ea.
FG611277YEL 25” Caution Wet Floor (2-Sided) 6 Ea.
FG611278YEL 25” Closed (2-Sided, Multi-Lingual) 6 Ea.
FG611400YEL 37” Caution (4-Sided, Multi-Lingual) 6 Ea.
FG611477YEL 37" Floor Sign, 4 sided, Caution Wet Floor Imprint 6 Ea.
FG611478YEL 37” Closed (4-Sided, Multi-Lingual) 6 Ea.
FG618400YEL 20’ Barrier Chain for 6114 4 Ea.