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Digital Scales

Save money on high cost foods with digital portioning. The first digital scale with a dishwasher-safe outer shell (premium models only). With full size premium scales—available in stainless steel or anti-microbial resin—your kitchen will be more efficient, more productive, and safer in your food prep practices. High performance and compact digital portion control scales also available. NSF.

Model Description Case
1812588 Compact, 2 lb. 1 Ea.
1812589 Compact, 10 lb. 1 Ea.
1812590 High Performance, 2 lb. 1 Ea.
1812591 High Performance, 12 lb. 1 Ea.
1812592 High Performance, 24 lb. 1 Ea.
1812593 Premium Resin Dishwasher Safe, 6 lb. 1 Ea.
1812594 Premium Resin Dishwasher Safe, 12 lb. 1 Ea.
1812595 Premium S/S Dishwasher Safe, 12 lb. 1 Ea.