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Microfiber HYGEN™ Cloths & Wet/Dry Mops

Innovative solutions and proven superior performance for maintaining healthy, safe environments. Color-coded products help reduce cross-contamination by differentiating area of use. Zig-zag scrubbing strips and high quality knitting for better absorption and debris pickup. Cleans 25% better than conventional microfiber and traditional cotton cloths and up to 500 launderings. Bleach safe.

Model Description Case
FGQ41000BL00 Microfiber Damp Mop 18" (Green, Red or Blue Trim) 12 Ea.
FGQ41100BL00 Microfiber Damp Mop 24" (Green, Red or Blue Trim) 12 Ea.
FGQ41500BL00 Microfiber Damp Mop 18" w/Scrubber (Green, Red or Blue Trim) 6 Ea.
FGQ41600BL00 Microfiber High Absorbency Mop 18" 6 Ea.
FGQ42500BL00 Microfiber Damp Mop 24" w/Scrubber (Green, Red or Blue Trim) 6 Ea.
FGQ55000YL00 Quick Connect Wall/Stair Frame 11" 6 Ea.
FGQ56000YL00 Quick Connect Wed/Dry Frame 18" 6 Ea.
FGQ61000YL00 16x16 Bathroom (Yellow) 12 Ea.
FGQ62000BL00 16x16 General Purpose (Red, Blue and Green) 12 Ea.
FGQ63000BL00 16x16 Lint-Free Cleaning Glass/Polished Surfaces 12 Ea.
FGQ64000GR00 20x20 Spill Cleanup & Lg Area Cleaning (Green) 12 Ea.
FGQ74500YL00 Quick Connect Short Extension Hdl 20"-40" 6 Ea.
FGQ75000YL00 Quick Connect Hdl 58" 6 Ea.
FGQ75500YL00 Quick Connect Straight Extension Hdl 48"-72" 6 Ea.
FGQ760000000 Quick Connect Ergo Adjustable Hdl 48"-72" 6 Ea.
FGQ76500YL00 Quick Connect Extension Pole 4'-8' 6 Ea.
FGQ77000YL00 Quick Connect Extension Pole 6'-12' 6 Ea.
FGQ77500YL00 Quick Connect Extension Pole 6'-18' 3 Ea.
FGQ81000YL00 Microfiber Scrubber Mop 18" 6 Ea.
FGQ82000BL00 Microfiber Wall/Stair Damp Mop 11" 6 Ea.