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Prep Tools

Innovative new designs reduce food costs and help you work more efficiently and safely in your kitchen. These tools have been ingeniously designed by chefs to increase productivity. Prep tools include Tri-Ladles, Portioning Spoons, Precision Spoons and High Heat Spatulas.

Model Description Case
FG1962000000 High Heat Scraper, 9 1/2" 24 Ea.
FG1963000000 High Heat Scraper, 13 1/2" 24 Ea.
FG1964000000 16-1/2” 24 Ea.
FG196600RED 9-1/2” 24 Ea.
FG196700RED 13-1/2” 24 Ea.
FG196800RED 16-1/2” 24 Ea.