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Creation Express™ Mobile Cooking Cart

Create an interactive cooking experience with Mobile Cooking Carts from Lakeside. Attractive and compact with a designer flair. Two built-in induction stoves for energy efficient cooking. Available with three-stage cooking exhaust filtration system. Stainless steel cabinet and top surface are easy to clean and sanitize. Exterior is laminate over stainless steel, in a choice of standard or custom finishes. Induction stoves are 115VAC with 1500 Watt output. Power management system (standard) requires 220 VAC 50 amp power supply. Model 275 shown.

Model Description Case
2060 34”Lx22”Wx351/2”H, 1 stove 1 Ea.
2065 Filtration Included, 34”Lx22”Wx401/2”H, 1 stove, 1 filter. 1 Ea.
2070 34”Lx22”Wx351/2”H, 2 stoves 1 Ea.
2075 Filtration Included, 34”Lx22”Wx401/2”H, 2 stoves, 1 filter 1 Ea.
2080 48”Lx22”Wx351/2”H, 3 stoves 1 Ea.
2085 Filtration Included, 48”Lx22”Wx401/2”H, 3 stoves, 2 filters 1 Ea.