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Heated Xenon Merchandisers

Sleekly designed to hold hot packaged food to attract your grab-and-go customers. The infrared heat and thermostatically-controlled heated base shelf safely hold food products for hours, while the Xenon lighting creates better illumination in the hold area. Hinged glass side panels are held in place magnetically and swing out for easy cleaning. Single or dual shelf models available with slant or horizontal shelves.

Model Description Case
HXMH-24 Horizontal Warmer, Single Shelf, 28"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HXMH-24D Horizontal Warmer, Dual Shelf, 28"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HXMH-30 Horizontal Warmer, Single Shelf, 34"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HXMH-30D Horizontal Warmer, Dual Shelf, 34"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HXMH-36 Horizontal Warmer, Single Shelf, 40"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HXMH-36D Horizontal Warmer, Dual Shelf, 40"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HXMH-42 Horizontal Warmer, Single Shelf, 46"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HXMH-42D Horizontal Warmer, Dual Shelf, 46"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HXMH-48 Horizontal Warmer, Single Shelf, 52"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HXMH-48D Horizontal Warmer, Dual Shelf, 52"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HXMH-54 Horizontal Warmer, Single Shelf, 58"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HXMH-54D Horizontal Warmer, Dual Shelf, 58"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HXMH-60 Horizontal Warmer, Single Shelf, 64"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HXMH-60D Horizontal Warmer, Dual Shelf, 64"Wx28.625"D 1 Ea.
HXMS-24 Slant Warmer, Single Shelf, 28"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HXMS-24D Slant Warmer, Dual Shelf, 28"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HXMS-30 Slant Warmer, Single Shelf, 34"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HXMS-30D Slant Warmer, Dual Shelf, 34"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HXMS-36 Slant Warmer, Single Shelf, 40"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HXMS-36D Slant Warmer, Dual Shelf, 40"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HXMS-42 Slant Warmer, Single Shelf, 46"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HXMS-42D Slant Warmer, Dual Shelf, 46"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HXMS-48 Slant Warmer, Single Shelf, 52"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HXMS-48D Slant Warmer, Dual Shelf, 52"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HXMS-54 Slant Warmer, Single Shelf, 58"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HXMS-54D Slant Warmer, Dual Shelf, 58"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HXMS-60 Slant Warmer, Single Shelf, 64"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.
HXMS-60D Slant Warmer, Dual Shelf, 64"Wx28.125"D 1 Ea.