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Water Booster Heaters

The Hatco Electric Hot Water Booster provides the high temperature final rinse water required to sanitize and flash-dry your dishes, glasses and flatware. 180°F sanitizing rinse water is always available when you need it to kill dangerous bacteria and remove unsightly residue from dishware. 100 models available to ensure that your booster water heater is perfectly sized. Why take risks when a 180°F sanitizing rinse water eliminates those dangerous germs.

Model Description Case
C-12 Compact Electric-6 Gal., 4-57KW 1 Ea.
PMG-100 Gas-5 Gal., 105,000 BTU, 24 KW 1 Ea.
PMG-200 Gas-5 Gal., 195,000 BTU, 45 KW 1 Ea.
S-57 Imperial Electric-16 Gal., 6-57 KW 1 Ea.