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Glo-Ray® Designer Heated Display Cases

Curved tempered glass styling and incandescent lighting accentuate food products. Thermostatically-controlled heated base and infrared overhead heating hold hot foods at optimum serving temperatures. Available with or without controlled humidity. Constructed of aluminum and stainless steel with tempered glass and rollerless sliding doors. Available in all designer colors to match your décor.

Model Description Case
GRCD-1P Single Shelf, 20.63"W, 410W 1 Ea.
GRCD-1PD Dual Shelf, 20.63"W, 860W 1 Ea.
GRCD-2P Single Shelf, 32.5"W, 780W 1 Ea.
GRCD-2PD Dual Shelf, 32.5"W, 1210W 1 Ea.
GRCD-3P Single Shelf, 45.5"W, 1005W 1 Ea.
GRCD-3PD Dual Shelf, 45.5"W, 1710W 1 Ea.
GRCDH-1P Single Shelf w/Humidity, 20.63"W, 660 Watts 1 Ea.
GRCDH-1PD Dual Shelf w/Humidity, 20.63"W, 1110 Watts 1 Ea.
GRCDH-2P Single Shelf w/Humidity, 32.5"W, 1030 Watts 1 Ea.
GRCDH-2PD Dual Shelf w/Humidity, 32.5"W, 1460 Watts 1 Ea.
GRCDH-3P Single Shelf w/Humidity, 45.5"W, 1255 Watts 1 Ea.
GRCDH-3PD Dual Shelf w/Humidity, 45.5"W, 1960 Watts 1 Ea.