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Electric Glass Washers & Replacement Brushes

Installs in any sink in seconds with no special plumbing or electrical hook-ups. The center brush scrubs the inside of the glass, while the 4 outside brushes simultaneously clean the outside. Easily accepts a variety of brushes to clean virtually any size or shape glass. The best draft beer in town is also the most profitable—generate an additional $24,960 profit annually with cleaner glasses!

Model Description Case
A-200 more details Glass Washer, Upright 1 Ea.
BRS-917 more details Brush, Standard 6" 1 Ea.
BRS-917SL more details Brush, Universal 6" 1 Ea.
BRS-920 more details Brush, 6-3/4" Tall Glassware 1 Ea.
BRS-920SL more details Brush, Universal 6-3/4" Tall Glassware 1 Ea.
BRS-922 more details Brush, 7-1/2" Tall Glassware 1 Ea.
BRS-930 more details Brush, Coffee/Pitcher (Wide Mouth Pots) 1 Ea.
BRS-935 more details Brush, Coffee (Commercial Pots) 1 Ea.
BRS-950 more details Brush, Jumbo Margarita 1 Ea.
BRS-975 more details Brush, 8.5" Extra Tall Glassware 1 Ea.
BRS-980 more details Brush, 4" Muffin Pan 1 Ea.
SS-100 more details Glass Washer, Submersible 1 Ea.