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Filter Magic® System

Specifically designed to extend shortening life—reducing oil costs by up to 50%! Filtered oil also helps produce better tasting and more consistently fried foods, which is critical for repeat business. Filter Magic® does it fast, safely, simply; reducing operating costs and yielding a more consistent, higher-quality product. Sixty to eighty pounds of oil can be automatically filtered completely in about 4 minutes, while other fryers in the system are still in use. Any fryer in the battery can be filtered without moving the filter from fryer to fryer. Available in full-sized and undercounter cabinets that can be batteried to either side of the MJCFE Frymaster gas fryer. The full-sized cabinet can be purchased with cut-out for optional cafeteria-style or scoop-type pan and a rod-style or bulb-type heat lamp can be mounted to the cabinet, making a complete warming station. Up to four MJCFE fryers can be batteried to each side of a Filter Magic System®. Standard features include: •Power Shower •1/3 H.P. Motor with 4 GPM •Stainless Steel Filter Pans •Filter Heater •Filter Screen •Crumb Screen

Model Description Case
FM2CFESD W/FWH-1 Two Performance Gas Fryers for Chicken and Fish open frypot design 80-lb. oil capacity, Thermostat controller, signal lights, on-off switch, reliable centerline fast-action temperature probe, stainless steel frypot and door, enamel cabinet, 150,000 Btu/hr., Filter Magic filtration system, Food Warmer and Holding Station with heat lamp and cafeteria-style pan and screen. 1 Ea.