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InterMetro Industries Corporation

Mightylite™ Pan Carriers

Weighs 60% less than traditional polymer molded, urethane foam-filled carriers. Transport hot or cold food at safe, appetizing temperatures with confidence—Keeps food safe for 5+ hours! Convenient, integrated handles provide the ultimate flexibility to facilitate lifting, carrying, and moving in various situations. Eight handles make the job easier and allow you to lift whichever way makes you most comfortable!

Model Description Case
ML300 Holds (4) 12"x20"x2.5" Pans (9.1 lbs.) 1 Ea.
ML400 Holds (6) 12"x20"x2.5" Pans (11.3 lbs.) 1 Ea.
MLC1 Wire Caddy 1 Ea.
MLD1 Dolly 1 Ea.
MLP1 Partition 1 Ea.