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Super Erecta® Cradle Wine Shelving

Each bottle is supported individually in a cradle formed by the wires of the shelf, so it cannot roll or bump up against adjacent bottles. Open wire construction keeps bottles and labels highly visible for easy reading and selection. Shelves spaced 5" apart, provide easy access to bottles for loading or removal and permit air to circulate freely around bottles. Available in 36" or 48" length.

Model Description Case
WC237C 14Wx36Lx74 3/4"H, 126 bottle capacity 1 Ea.
WC238C 14Wx36Lx88 3/4"H, 153 bottle capacity 1 Ea.
WC257C 14Wx48Lx74 3/4"H, 168 bottle capacity 1 Ea.
WC258C 14Wx48Lx86 3/4"H, 204 bottle capacity 1 Ea.