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WorkSpace™ Workstations & Adjustable Work Tables

This unique patent pending ergonomic design promotes food safety, increases productivity, and improves the workplace. Easy to clean, easy to adjust, WorkSpace can be customized to your exact needs. Adjustable height stainless steel work surface reconfigures to the proper height for the task or the individual resulting in greater levels of productivity. Cantilevered design removes obstructions from the work surface, allowing quick and easy cleaning with enhanced flow between work areas. Available in full overhead and table versions, in 36", 48", 60" and 72" lengths. A full line of innovative accessories are also available.

Model Description Case
H209K3 Basket 1 Ea.
H210K3 Basket 1 Ea.
IWA-14K3 Small Utensil Holder 1 Ea.
PBA-1BH Bin Holder 1 Ea.
PBA-GSDK3 Light Duty Grid Mount Shelf 1 Ea.
SR24K3 Spice Rack 1 Ea.
WG1836K3 18 x 36 Grid 1 Ea.
WG1848K3 18 x 48 Grid 1 Ea.
WG1860K3 18 x 60 Grid 1 Ea.