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SwivelMAX™ Gas Connector Fittings and Kits

Blue Hose™ kits with SwivelMAX® enable easier movement of caster-mounted appliances at angles, back & forth, and from side-to-side — while relieving stress at the ends of the hose. Required by code in many states for both caster and fixed leg mounted gas-fired cooking equipment. Prevents premature failure of the connector and provides more aisle space by allowing the appliances to be positioned closer to the wall. Available with one or two SwivelMAX® fittings. CSA and NSF certified.

Model Description Case
16100KIT2S48 1”x48” Gas Connector kit, 2 Swivels 1 Ea.
16125KIT2S48 1 1/4"x48" Gas connector kit, 2 Swivels 1 Ea.
1650KIT2S48 1/2”x48” Gas connector kit, 2 Swivels 1 Ea.
1675KIT2S48 3/4”x48” Gas connector kit, 2 Swivels 1 Ea.