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Pitco Frialator

Potato Peeler & Potato Cutter

The easy and quick to clean PL56 Potato Peeler can peel a 50 lb. bag of potatoes at once! • 56 lb. peeler cap. • Dual position for waste outlet • Quiet operation and energy efficient • Over 550 lbs. per hour production cap. The easy loading PC55 Potato Cutter processes up to 55 pounds in just one minute! • Compact Knife Block - Multiple Sizes Available • One Piece Chute Assembly • Grab Handle • Operator Button Cover

Model Description Case
PL55/PKB37 Potato Cutter with 3/8" Knife Block 1 Ea.
PL55/PKB50 Potato Cutter with 1/2" Knife Block 1 Ea.
PL56 Potato Peeler, 56 lb. cap. 1 Ea.