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Continental Refrigerator

Designer Line Refrigerators, Freezers, & Warmers

Top mount “Plug" refrigeration system designed to be fully removable for servicing, cleaning or converting from a refrigerator to freezer in the field. Unique air distribution down duct system on top and sides allows for complete use of storage space while keeping a constant, uniform temperature throughout the cabinet. Thicker, 3" foamed-in-place insulation, thicker gauge metal, and door corners welded for superior strength and durability. Choose from a variety of Reach-In/Pass-Thru Refrigerators, Freezers, and Warmers in shallow depth, slim or extra-wide widths.

Model Description Case
DL1F Freezer, 1-Door 1 Ea.
DL1FE Freezer (Extra-Wide), 1-Door 1 Ea.
DL1FE-HD Freezer (Extra-Wide), 2-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL1F-HD Freezer, 2-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL1F-PT Pass-Thru Freezer, 2-Doors 1 Ea.
DL1F-PT-HD Pass-Thru Freezer, 4-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL1FS Freezer, 1-Shallow Depth Door 1 Ea.
DL1FS-HD Freezer, 2-Shallow Depth Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL1F-SS Freezer, 1-Door (S/S) 1 Ea.
DL1R Refrigerator, 1-Door 1 Ea.
DL1RE Refrigerator (Extra-Wide), 1-Door 1 Ea.
DL1RE-HD Refrigerator (Extra-Wide), 2-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL1RE-PT Pass-Thru Refrigerator (Extra-Wide), 2-Doors 1 Ea.
DL1RE-PT-HD Pass-Thru Refrigerator (Extra-Wide), 4-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL1RES Refrigerator (Extra-Wide), 1-Shallow Depth Door 1 Ea.
DL1R-HD Refrigerator, 2-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL1R-PT Pass-Thru Refrigerators, 2-Doors 1 Ea.
DL1R-PT-HD Pass-Thru Refrigerators, 4-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL1RS Refrigerator, 1-Shallow Depth Door 1 Ea.
DL1RS-HD Refrigerator, 2-Shallow Depth Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL1R-SS Refrigerator, 1-Door (S/S) 1 Ea.
DL1W-SS Warmer, 1-Door (S/S) 1 Ea.
DL2F Freezer, 2-Doors 1 Ea.
DL2FE Freezer (Extra-Wide), 2-Doors 1 Ea.
DL2FE-HD Freezer (Extra-Wide), 4-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL2F-HD Freezer, 4-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL2F-PT Pass-Thru Freezer, 4-Doors 1 Ea.
DL2F-PT-HD Pass-Thru Freezer, 8-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL2FS Freezer, 2-Shallow Depth Doors 1 Ea.
DL2FS-HD Freezer, 4-Shallow Depth Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL2F-SS Freezer, 2-Door (S/S) 1 Ea.
DL2R Refrigerator, 2-Doors 1 Ea.
DL2RE Refrigerator (Extra-Wide), 2-Doors 1 Ea.
DL2RE-HD Refrigerator (Extra-Wide), 4-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL2RE-PT Pass-Thru Refrigerator (Extra-Wide), 4-Doors 1 Ea.
DL2RE-PT-HD Pass-Thru Refrigerator (Extra-Wide), 8-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL2RES Refrigerator (Extra-Wide), 2-Shallow Depth Doors 1 Ea.
DL2R-HD Refrigerator, 4-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL2R-PT Pass-Thru Refrigerators, 4-Doors 1 Ea.
DL2R-PT-HD Pass-Thru Refrigerators, 8-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL2RS Refrigerator, 2-Shallow Depth Doors 1 Ea.
DL2RS-HD Refrigerator, 4-Shallow Depth Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL2R-SS Refrigerator, 2-Door (S/S) 1 Ea.
DL2W-SS Warmer, 2-Door (S/S) 1 Ea.
DL3F Freezer, 3-Doors 1 Ea.
DL3FE Freezer (Extra-Wide), 3-Doors 1 Ea.
DL3FE-HD Freezer (Extra-Wide), 6-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL3F-HD Freezer, 6-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL3F-PT Pass-Thru Freezer, 6-Door 1 Ea.
DL3F-PT-HD Pass-Thru Freezer, 12-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL3F-SS Freezer, 3-Door (S/S) 1 Ea.
DL3R Refrigerator, 3-Doors 1 Ea.
DL3RE Refrigerator (Extra-Wide), 3-Doors 1 Ea.
DL3RE-HD Refrigerator (Extra-Wide), 6-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL3RE-PT Pass-Thru Refrigerator (Extra-Wide), 6-Door 1 Ea.
DL3RE-PT-HD Pass-Thru Refrigerator (Extra-Wide), 12-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL3R-HD Refrigerator, 6-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL3R-PT Pass-Thru Refrigerators, 6-Doors 1 Ea.
DL3R-PT-HD Pass-Thru Refrigerators, 12-Half Doors 1 Ea.
DL3R-SS Refrigerator, 3-Door (S/S) 1 Ea.
DL3W-SS Warmer, 3-Door (S/S) 1 Ea.