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Paderno/World Cuisine

Classic-Style Enameled Paella Pans

Made from thin carbon steel, the bases are hammered to produce small dents that help expand the base to prevent buckling when heated. Shallow sloping sides encourage the evaporation of liquid and speed up the cooking process. Pans do not need to be pre-seasoned and are oven-safe and induction compatible. Hand-washing recommended. Choose from a variety of sizes.

Model Description Case
A4982177 6" 1 Ea.
A4982178 8" 1 Ea.
A4982179 8-5/8" 1 Ea.
A4982180 9.5" 1 Ea.
A4982181 10.5" 1 Ea.
A4982182 12" 1 Ea.
A4982183 13-3/8" 1 Ea.
A4982184 15" 1 Ea.
A4982185 18" 1 Ea.
A4982186 20" 1 Ea.
A4982187 24" 1 Ea.