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Paderno/World Cuisine

Mini Cookware Line

Paderno's mini cookware line is perfect for creative cook-and-serve applications. From the oven to the table, these aluminum, white ceramic mini pans leave a lasting impression. Brass handles add that extra touch of elegance.

Model Description Case
16134-12 Frying Pan, 4-3/4"Dx1-5/8"H 1 Ea.
16136-10 Sauce Pan, 4-1/4"Dx2-1/4"H 1 Ea.
16137-10 Stew Pan, 4-1/4"Dx2-1/4"H 1 Ea.
16138-10 Saute Pan, 4-1/4"Dx1-5/8"H 1 Ea.
16139-10 Rondeau, 4-1/4"Dx1-5/8"H 1 Ea.