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Siciliano® Dinnerware

Highly durable BPA-free, break-resistant melamine is ideal for everyday commercial use. Trendy coupe shapes available in a variety of popular sizes. The versatile, multi-purpose designs allow for greater cost savings by reducing dinnerware options. Commercial dishwasher safe.

Model Description Case
CS-6100-W Round Plate, 7¾", White 12 Doz.
CS-6101-W Bowl, 20 oz., 6¼" Dia., 2¼"D, White 12 Doz.
CS-6102-W Round Plate, 12", White 12 Doz.
CS-6103-W Rectangular Platter, 11¼"x7", White 12 Doz.
CS-6104-W Rectangular Platter, 9¾"x5.8", White 12 Doz.
CS-6105-W Rectangular Platter, 13"x7.8", White 12 Doz.
CS-6106-W Bowl, 1.3 qt., 8½" Dia., 2¼"D, White 12 Doz.
CS-6107-W Bowl, 1 qt., 10½ Dia., 1½"D, White 12 Doz.
CS-6108-W Round Plate, 14", White 12 Doz.
CS-6111-W Egg-Shaped Coupe Platter, 11"x9¼", White 12 Doz.
CS-6112-W Oval Coupe Platter, 13¼"x9½", White 12 Doz.
CS-6116-W Square Coupe Plate, 6", White 24 Doz.
CS-6119-W Square Coupe Plate, 9½", White 12 Doz.