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Melamine Tiles, Cut Outs, Pans & Casserole Dishes

Melamine tiles are designed to fit any standard 12"x20" opening. So attractive, yet so affordable. Available in black, ivory and white. Special order available in red sensation. Use with G.E.T. Insert Pans, Crocks & Casserole Dishes.

Model Description Case
CR-0120- Crock SAN, 1.2 Qt. 1 Doz.
CR-0150- Crock SAN, 1.5 Qt. 1 Doz.
CR-0270- Crock SAN, 2.7 Qt. 1 Doz.
ML-148- Crock Square, 28 oz. 12 Ea.
ML-149- Crock Square, 2 Qt. 12 Ea.
ML-150- Crock Square, 3 Qt. 6 Ea.
ML-156- Casserole Dish 3 Qt., 13-1/4"x9"x2" 6 Ea.
ML-157- 2-1/2"D Sixth Size Pan 6 Ea.
ML-158- 2-1/2"D Half Long Pan 6 Ea.
ML-160- Tile Solid 1 Ea.
ML-161- Tile w/6 Cut Outs (for CR0120, 0150, 0270, 1000) 1 Ea.
ML-162- Tile w/6 Cut Outs (for ML148 & 3 Lg. Crocks) 1 Ea.
ML-163- Tile w/1 Cut Out (for ML176) 1 Ea.
ML-164- Tile w/6 Cut Outs (for ML148) 1 Ea.
ML-168- Tile w/6 Cut Outs (for ML149, 150) 1 Ea.
ML-169- Tile w/2 Cut Outs (for ML177) 1 Ea.
ML-17- 2-1⁄2"D Third Size Pan 3 Ea.
ML-171- Tile w/6 Cut Outs (for CR0120) 1 Ea.
ML-175- Tile 27" w/8 Cut Outs (for ML149, 150) 1 Ea.
ML-177- Casserole Dish 3 Qt., 10"x8-7/8"x3" 3 Ea.
ML-18- 2-1⁄2"D Half Size Pan 3 Ea.
ML-19- 2-1⁄2"D Full Size Pan 3 Ea.
ML-20- 4"D Third Size Pan 3 Ea.
ML-21- 4"D Half Size Pan 3 Ea.
ML-22- 4"D Full Size Pan 3 Ea.
ML-26- 2-1/2"D Two-Comp. Pan 1 Ea.