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All potentially hazardous foods must be maintained at proper temperatures to prevent the growth or development of bacteria. Always remember hot-holding equipment must keep foods at a temperature of 135ºF or higher, and cold-holding at a temperature of 41ºF or colder. And, to help avoid food spoilage, always have a backup thermometer in your refrigerator and freezer. Models 1443, 5927, 5980, 5981, and 5994 shown.

Model Description Case
Price Price per  
1443 Digital Ref/Freezer Thermometer -4°F to 140°F 3 Get Quote Ea. Add to Basket
5927 Glycol Ref/Freezer Thermometer -20°F to 60°F 6 Get Quote Ea. Add to Basket
5980N Hot Holding Thermometer, 100°F to 180°F 6 Get Quote Ea. Add to Basket
5981N Cold Holding Thermometer, -30°F to 30°F 6 Get Quote Ea. Add to Basket
5994 Refrigeration Thermometer, -30°F to 70°F 6 Get Quote Ea. Add to Basket

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