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The Vollrath Company, LLC

Cubic Modular Display Cases

A complete line of stackable cases, bins, and stands that can be easily mixed and matched, offering maximum versatility. Create pleasing food presentations and easily change setup based upon event, offerings, and available space. Perfect for holiday banquets, buffets, and catering opportunities. Cases are NSF certified.

Model Description Case
Price Price per  
NBCBB33F-06 Set Nose Case w/Full Drawer, Black Frame 1 $ 408.00 Ea. Add to Basket
SBB12F-06 1/2 Size w/Front Doors, Black Frame 1 $ 214.80 Ea. Add to Basket
SBB13F-06 1/3 Size w/Drawer, Black Frame 1 $ 158.40 Ea. Add to Basket
SBB23F-06 2/3 Size w/2 Drawers, Black Frame 1 $ 236.40 Ea. Add to Basket
SBB2X2F-06 2 x 2 w/4 Drawers, Black Frame 1 $ 321.00 Ea. Add to Basket
SBB33F-06 Full Size w/3 Drawers, Black Frame 1 $ 264.00 Ea. Add to Basket

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