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Water Filters

Extend the life of your Scotsman ice machines and provide cleaner, more consistent ice by using Scotsman's SSM Plus water filtration systems by Everpure. Ultra-fine, half micron filtration combined with food-grade polyphosphate assures that chlorine, off-tastes, odors and particle of dirt stay out of your ice. Single, double and triple filter systems available along with coarse prefilters and replacement cartridges.

Model Description Case
Price Price per  
AP1-P AquaPatrol Single System 1 $ 192.37 Ea. Add to Basket
AP2-P AquaPatrol Double System 1 $ 348.84 Ea. Add to Basket
AP3-P AquaPatrol Triple System 1 $ 538.66 Ea. Add to Basket
APRC6-P AquaPatrol Replacement Cartridge (Package of 6) 6 $ 302.68 Ea. Add to Basket
SC10-A 10" Coarse Prefilter 1 $ 88.24 Ea. Add to Basket
SC10RC40 SC10 Replacement Cartridge 40 $ 160.06 Pk. Add to Basket
SC20-A 20" Coarse Prefilter 1 $ 130.81 Ea. Add to Basket
SC20RC20 SC20 Replacement Cartridge 20 $ 169.30 Pk. Add to Basket
SSM1-P Single Filtration System 1 $ 255.98 Ea. Add to Basket
SSM2-P Twin Filtration System 1 $ 442.72 Ea. Add to Basket
SSM3-P Triple Filtration System 1 $ 705.89 Ea. Add to Basket
SSMRC1 SSM Replacement Cartridge (Package of 1) 1 $ 84.13 Ea. Add to Basket
SSMRC6 SSM Replacement Cartridge (Package of 6) 6 $ 412.45 Pk. Add to Basket

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