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Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Food Storage Boxes

Experience the amazing strength of Rubbermaid's BPA-free Food Storage Boxes. Now made of clear, break-resistant co-polyester for superior visibility, durability and stain-resistance. Tight-fitting snap-on lids keep food fresh; reducing food spoilage costs. Date control panels on boxes and lids for easier inventory control. Dishwasher and freezer safe. Available in standard industry sizes to accommodate existing storage racks, counters, etc. Boxes and lids certified to NSF Std. #2. USDA Meat & Poultry Equipment Group Listed. Made of FDA compliant materials. This product assists in complying with HACCP guidelines.

Model Description Case
Price Price per  
FG330000CLR 26"Lx18"Wx9"D, 12.5 gal. (Clear) 6 $ 51.35 Ea. Add to Basket
FG330100CLR 26"Lx18"Wx15"D, 21.5 gal. (Clear) 6 $ 74.16 Ea. Add to Basket
FG330500CLR 18"x12" ProSave Dual Action Sliding Lid 3 $ 18.20 Ea. Add to Basket
FG330600CLR 26"Lx18"Wx3.5"D, 5 gal. (Clear) 6 $ 30.36 Ea. Add to Basket
FG330700CLR 18"Lx12"Wx3.5"D, 2 gal. (Clear) 6 $ 16.74 Ea. Add to Basket
FG331100CLR 26"x18" ProSave Dual Action Sliding Lid 3 $ 30.36 Ea. Add to Basket
FG331400CLR 18"x12" Drain Tray 6 $ 8.35 Ea. Add to Basket
FG331800CLR 26"x18" Drain Tray 6 $ 19.20 Ea. Add to Basket
FG332800CLR 26"Lx18"Wx12"D, 16-5/8 gal. (Clear) 6 $ 62.67 Ea. Add to Basket
FG350600WHT 26"Lx18"Wx3.5"D, 5 gal. (White) 6 $ 23.13 Ea. Add to Basket
FG350700WHT 18"Lx12"Wx3.5"D, 2 gal. (White) 6 $ 13.13 Ea. Add to Basket
FG350800WHT 26"Lx18"Wx6"D, 8.5 gal. (White) 6 $ 28.87 Ea. Add to Basket
FG350900WHT 18"Lx12"Wx6"D, 3.5 gal. (White) 6 $ 16.25 Ea. Add to Basket
FG352800WHT 26"Lx18"Wx12"D, 16-5/8 gal. (White) 6 $ 53.99 Ea. Add to Basket

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