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CNVX/BCX/BX Series Combi/Convection Ovens

The CNVX/BCX provides both a combi and convection oven in the same compact footprint. The BCX14 Combi offers increased production while decreasing your labor and maintenance. With a push of a button, the exclusive “deliming indicator” tells you when to delime. For more versatility, stack with our CNVX-14 Convection Oven. With the same footprint as the BCX and BX ovens, the CNVX is the ideal convection/combi stack. Model BCX-14E shown on CNVX-14E.

Model Description Case
Price Price per  
BCX-14E/CNVX-14E more details Electric Combi/Convection Oven 1 $ 33,787.92 Ea. Add to Basket
BCX-14E Single more details Electric Combi 1 $ 22,107.60 Ea. Add to Basket
BCX-14G/CNVX-14G more details Gas Combi/Convection Oven 1 $ 43,569.36 Ea. Add to Basket
BCX-14G Single more details Gas Combi 1 $ 31,279.08 Ea. Add to Basket
BX-14E Single more details Electric Combi (Boilerless) 1 $ 18,574.80 Ea. Add to Basket
BX-14G Single more details Gas Combi (Boilerless) 1 $ 23,664.24 Ea. Add to Basket

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