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Lakeside Manufacturing, Inc.

Mobile Merchandising Multi-Daypart Carts

Provide nutritious breakfast and snack items with these customizable, mobile merchandising carts. Smaller models come in stainless steel (#663) or laminate (#668). Stainless steel models accommodate optional, removable, magnetic front graphics panels to easily create a customized look throughout the day. Larger models (#768) display an overhead banner graphic and front panel graphic or laminate that can be customized to fit any menu in any environment.

Model Description Case
Price Price per  
663 S/S Finish, Solid Top, Horiz. Hdl, Corner Bumpers 1 $ 2,942.73 Ea. Add to Basket
668 Laminate Finish, Ice Bin, Ergo Vertical Hdls, Perimeter Bumper 1 $ 5,585.96 Ea. Add to Basket
764 Laminate Finish, Graphic Panels, Flat Top 1 $ 3,428.12 Ea. Add to Basket
768 Laminate Finish, Graphic Panels, 2-Level Top, Drop Leaf 1 $ 6,879.33 Ea. Add to Basket

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