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Lakeside Manufacturing, Inc.

EZ Serve Condiment Carts

Uses the simplicity of manual pumps with 3 gal. Volpak condiment pouches (not included). Convenient and economical system reduces labor to refill and clean pumps and containers by as much as 75%. Eliminates theft and waste up to 30%. Decreases food costs up to 30%. Sealed, sanitary bags are vacuum packed reducing the risk of contamination of bacteria and customer intervention. Handles various thicknesses of condiments including dressings and tartar sauce. New mobile unit dispenses up to 3 different condiment products from 12 dispensers on both sides of the mobile unit. Pumps can be easily cleaned in-place or disassembled to clean. Model 70210 shown.

Model Description Case
Price Price per  
70200 8 Pumps (Dispenses 4 prods) 1 $ 7,874.41 Ea. Add to Basket
70210 6 Pumps (Dispenses 3 prods) 1 $ 6,331.97 Ea. Add to Basket
70220 4 Pumps (Dispenses 2 prods) 1 $ 4,678.36 Ea. Add to Basket
70270 12 Pumps (Dispenses 3 prods) 1 $ 11,113.60 Ea. Add to Basket

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