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Edlund Company, Inc.

NSF Certified Manual Can Openers

Designed for durability, easy use, and quick cutting, these NSF commercial can openers are made out of high-grade, heavy-duty materials to puncture the tops of cans without cutting off any metal shavings, ensuring quick access to food without any dangerous contaminants. Made in the USA.

Model Description Case
Price Price per  
G-2 Quick Change S/S Knife & Gear (Lt. Duty) 3 $ 209.30 Ea. Add to Basket
S-11 Quick Change S/S Knife & Gear (5-Yr. War.) 3 $ 574.00 Ea. Add to Basket
S-11C Quick Change S/S Knife & Gear Clamp Base 3 $ 611.80 Ea. Add to Basket
U-12 Quick Change, Std Length Bar Plated Base 3 $ 263.90 Ea. Add to Basket
U-12C Cast S/S Clamp Base 3 $ 347.20 Ea. Add to Basket
U-12L Long Bar & Plated Steel Base 3 $ 286.30 Ea. Add to Basket

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