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Edlund Company, Inc.

Crown Punch Can Openers

These sophisticated models are designed to open cans in a single stroke. Model 700 opens up to 200 cans a day with one downward pull of the handle. Model 610 is completely air-powered (no electricity needed) and opens up to 400 cans per day; optional magnetic lid remover now available. Model 625A is our heaviest air-powered industrial opener featuring automatic lid removal-will open and de-lid up to 3,000 can per day. Models shown—610 (left) & 700 (right)

Model Description Case
Price Price per  
610 Air-Powered, opens up to 400 cans/day 1 $ 4,550.00 Ea. Add to Basket
625 Hvy Duty Air-Powered, opens up to 2000 cans/day 1 $ 8,004.50 Ea. Add to Basket
625A Hvy Duty Air-Powered w/Alligator Lid Removal System, opens up to 3000 cans/day 1 $ 16,045.40 Ea. Add to Basket
625M Hvy Duty Air-Powered w/Magnetic Lid Removal System, opens up to 3000 cans/day 1 $ 8,390.20 Ea. Add to Basket
700SS Manual, opens up to 200 cans/day 1 $ 1,814.40 Ea. Add to Basket

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