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True Food Service Equipment

Undercounter Refrigerators/Freezers (Drawered)

An exceptional combination of refrigeration units that either slide easily under work counters for space efficiency or provide a functional work surface for easy preparation. Both models feature stainless front, top and sides and self-closing doors. True’s NEW undercounter drawered freezer (TUC-27F-D-2) has been designed to slide easily under work counters, maximizing space for drawered, frozen food storage in fast food line-ups. True’s -10°F temperatures for freezers are ideally suited for preserving packaged or unpackaged frozen meats, pizza, frozen vegetables, ice cream and more. Refrigerators hold 33°F to 38°F.

Model Description Case
Price Price per  
TUC-27D-2-HC 30 1/8"x29 3/4"x27 3/8"L, 2 drawers 1 $ 2,359.26 Ea. Add to Basket
TUC-27F-D-2-HC 30 1/8"x29 3/4"x27 3/8"L, 2 drawers 1 $ 2,687.83 Ea. Add to Basket
TUC-48D-4-HC 30 1/8"x29 3/4"x48 3/8"L, 4 drawers 1 $ 3,932.10 Ea. Add to Basket
TUC-48F-D-4-HC 30 1/8"x29 3/4"x48 3/8"L, 4 drawers 1 $ 4,331.81 Ea. Add to Basket
TUC-60D-4 30 1/8"x29 3/4"x60 3/8"L, 4 drawers 1 $ 4,191.44 Ea. Add to Basket

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