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Perlick Corporation

Glass Chillers

Energy efficient Mug, Plate and Glass Chillers have automatic defrost cycles that begin at preset times and end when the evaporator reaches a predetermined temperature. A push-button overnight defrost cycle shuts down the compressor and automatically turns it on 6 hours later. 5-year compressor; 1-year parts & labor warranty.

Model Description Case
Price Price per  
FR24 2'L, Black 1 $ 2,026.92 Ea. Add to Basket
FR24SS 2'L, Stainless Steel 1 $ 2,190.78 Ea. Add to Basket
FR36 3'L, Black 1 $ 2,352.85 Ea. Add to Basket
FR36SS 3'L, Stainless Steel 1 $ 2,541.24 Ea. Add to Basket
FR48 4'L, Black 1 $ 2,589.32 Ea. Add to Basket
FR48SS 4'L, Stainless Steel 1 $ 2,785.32 Ea. Add to Basket
FR60 5'L, Black 1 $ 2,832.68 Ea. Add to Basket
FR60SS 5'L, Stainless Steel 1 $ 3,071.52 Ea. Add to Basket

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