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Baffle Boss® Hood Filter Lifting Tool/Franklin Filter® Hinged Hood Filters

Baffle Boss® hood filter lifting tool—the ultimate tool for hood filter removal. Makes the cumbersome job of reaching and removing filters a simple operation and eliminates unsafe removal procedures. Adjusts to 5 different positions to conform to any hood angle. Lightweight. Folds flat for easy storage. Franklin Filter® hinged hood filters provide the most thorough cleaning possible—like new. Unique, slotted baffles reduce static pressure, creating less strain on the fan motor, grease heat removal, and a quieter operation. Stainless steel. Standard filters also available.

Model Description Case
Price Price per  
129-1090 Baffle Boss 1 $ 137.02 Ea. Add to Basket
129-1110 Hinged Filter, Baffle (16"x16", S/S) 1 $ 139.98 Ea. Add to Basket
129-1111 Hinged Filter, Baffle (16"x20", S/S) 1 $ 156.48 Ea. Add to Basket
129-1112 Hinged Filter, Baffle (20"x20", S/S) 1 $ 172.99 Ea. Add to Basket
129-1113 Hinged Filter, Baffle (20"x25", S/S) 1 $ 217.10 Ea. Add to Basket
129-1114 Hinged Filter, Baffle (25"x20", S/S) 1 $ 213.90 Ea. Add to Basket

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