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Dormont Manufacturing Company

SafetyQuik™ Gas Connector Fitting

Safety Quik® does the work of both a quick-disconnect and shut-off valve. The Safety Quik QDV fitting, with its innovative safety-sleeve, incorporates added special safety design features. With this unique item, the gas connector cannot be disconnected until the gas valve on the Safety Quik is shut off -- and the valve cannot be opened until the gas connector is attached. Includes automatic safety thermal shut-off that stops gas flow if temperature exceeds 350°F.

Model Description Case
Price Price per  
16100KITCF48 1” Gas Connector Kit w/Safety Quik QDV 1 $ 296.80 Ea. Add to Basket
1650KITCF48 1/2” Gas Connector Kit w/Safety Quik QDV 1 $ 180.28 Ea. Add to Basket
1675KITCF48 3/4" Gas Connector Kit w/Safety Quik QDV 1 $ 233.02 Ea. Add to Basket
CF-100 1" SafetyQuik QDV 1 $ 120.19 Ea. Add to Basket
CF-50 1/2" SafetyQuik QDV 1 $ 68.68 Ea. Add to Basket
CF-75 3/4" SafetyQuik QDV 1 $ 86.46 Ea. Add to Basket

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