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Timer Products

Temperature and time in a food safety environment are the two most important components in preventing foodborne illness. Durable and water resistant kitchen timers are easy to operate and help automate your monitoring protocols. Models shown (left to right) DTT361, TFS4, 9374, TC6, TS100, TM60, FT24, TW3

Model Description Case
Price Price per  
9374 AC Adapter for TSF4 1 $ 12.21 Ea. Add to Basket
FT24-0-3 Lg. Sgl. Station 24 Hr. Digital Timer w/Volume Control 1 $ 48.64 Ea. Add to Basket
TC6-0-8 6-Button Electronic Timer/Clock/Stopwatch 6 $ 18.89 Ea. Add to Basket
TM60-0-8 Long-Ring Mechanical 60-Minute Timer 6 $ 12.59 Ea. Add to Basket
TS100-0-8 Timer/Stopwatch 6 $ 13.99 Ea. Add to Basket
TW3-0-8 Lg. Digital Multi-Function Timer w/Multi-Mount 6 $ 20.78 Ea. Add to Basket

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